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Aug 8 2008, 03:22 AM
Doesn't that make you wonder if they weren't making people/fans happy with Sami being with EJ, with Marlena and John not having Ava come between them? Things being written that at least pleased a big portion of the fan base? I am not saying it is for certain the case, but it makes me wonder since the big decline seems to coincide with some of the things I mentioned.
It's hard to tell because of so many s/l going on .... Dena does spread the wealth. Lucas came back and the triangle from hell resumed with Sami in full fledge groveling mode and mood swings galore. Ava entered the Jawn picture, Nicole and EJ started to heat up and EJ becomes her knight in shining armor. The Phillip and John war continues with a missing Paul. Bo covers for Phillip and lies to Hope. Marlena was out of the picture and Sami was hardly seen except to scream and cry and end her relationship with EJ via cell phone. Chloe and Phillip were on the outs enter Morgan and Lucas???, Dr. Dan and Chelsea romance, Victor gets ill, Max and Trent go toe to toe and Stephanie and Max get on plane, train and automobile and land in France. Steve and Kayla and baby Joe - kind of a big yawn. And let's not forget the romance of the summer Elevator SEX.... and Bo and Hope have a wedding for the 5th time.
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