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Steve Frame
Aug 7 2008, 08:05 PM
You count for us and yourself, but even I am realizing that to advertisers and to the producers we don't matter anymore at all. They could really care less if we watch or not.

The advertisers really need to rethink their key demo groups for daytime. While most of the people I know in the 18-49 age group is struggling financially to pay college tuition and/or mortgages, car payments and tax increases I know a lot of seniors that have the money to buy a new car s with CASH and still hit a couple of cruises before the year is over.

And the older age group are much more loyal, have more time to watch during the day and are usually the key to gaining younger viewers. I started watching soaps with my nanny when I was little. I fell away from soaps when I started school and began watching again the summer my grandmother came to visit. The only thing she really wanted to do with me was watch soaps and fill me in on the back history on every character on AMC. :rockon: She was too polite to ever talk trash about our real relatives so watching AMC was like having a special family album.
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