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Aug 8 2008, 04:41 AM
i like the actor and the character fine...i just think his talent is being wasted in his current storyline...i am a kaman so i really wanted them to explore dan and ava, now shes is gone, dan and nicole maybe??? just not chelsea...i just aint feeling it at all. thanks for posting tripp

any idea when we see nick again???
On Nick showing up again, he isn't on todays show and the Stax storyline is on hold for two weeks. Since the earthquake was last week and that's when they taped the Chan stuff, we probably are going to be seeing grannysex reveal fairly soon after the olympics (which IMO is good).

Chan was botched from the beginning. I don't know if I would ever have warmed to them (certainly not while she was still "dating" Nick) but if they had gone ahead and ended Chick properly and then let Chelsea meet Daniel in the park but be annoyed by him (since Chelsea was never one to warm to strangers) to only find out he's her father's new doctor which worried her...they could have had a different dynamic from the beginning. Daniel could have seen her as a kid who dares question his doctoring skills (we already know he doesn't take kindly to that). After the surgery, they could have relunctantly admitted how each other helped with the situation but still not sure of each other (this is where the propping for Daniel would have made more sense and fit in better). Chelsea needing a job since she missed out on internships could have asked Victor but then be horrified when he chooses the hospital for her instead of his company. Working side by side along with Daniel over time could have then provided an actual "falling in love" stage for the both of them.

But nope, instead we have insta love with hero worship/savior complex and Chelsea two timing Nick by trying to dry hump Daniel. If Dena thought that was "romantic", this show is doomed.
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