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Aug 8 2008, 12:27 PM
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Aug 8 2008, 11:46 AM
1) Why is Roman's name forwardslashed with the name Chris next to it? There's no Chris on the show. What does this mean? :drunk:
Because Josh Taylor played Chris Kositchek for then years before he played Roman
Ah, yes. It makes total since now. I started watching Days in 1985 when I was 9 years old. I honestly don't remember the character of Chris Kositchek. What other characters he was involved with? Maybe it will jolt my memory.

Thanks for clearing that up for me; my mind was wandering off to a whole OTHER direction.
Chris originally worked for Anderson Manufacturing. Later, he owned Shenanigan's (sp?) and was a lawyer. He was a stand-up good guy and was really good friends with everyone. Romantically, I think he was originally paired with Amanda Peters (Mary Frann) and then, later, Mary Anderson. I know he dated Kayla for a brief while (when she was played by Catherine Mary Stewart). At the end of his run, he was paired with Savannah Wilder (Gene Simmon's other half and former Playboy model Shannon Tweed) who was in contrast to good-guy Chris because she worked for Victor in some underhanded mob business (not excluding drugs). I believe Savannah also was involved in the Victor aspect of The Pawn storyline that brought RoJohn to the show.
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