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I had the opposite view...I was sure Actor #1 was Mandy Bruno. It follows her speaking style,even in character. And I agree that Actor #2 is probably Gina Tognoni.

I think the visuals have improved a lot over the last few months on GL...but if the kind of stuff Actor #1 describes is going on behind the scenes to accomplish it, well, that is just awful. I would hope they would have one of those buses that bands use moving with the cast and crew from location to location. Those things are big enough to accomodate changing rooms, a kitchen, makeup chairs and a lounge!

The improvement in the show the past few weeks (I really enjoyed the faux wedding drama, the baby drama) had dampened my ire towards Ellen Wheeler, but under no circumstances should the cast be mistreated. I'd fire her yesterday. Or is some of this due to Televest?
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