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Steve Frame
Aug 7 2008, 12:21 PM
Days was losing in other Demos though before then. They were just increasing in the particular 2 demos that advertisers want. That is the reason they could not get any increases is other demos were going down.

I read on another board from a person who has seen the 50 and over demos that Days has been losing in them all year. Men have been back and forth all year. Girls 12-17 have been up and down.

It just took awhile for those 2 Demos to catch up and Days still does better in the 18-34 and Girls 12-17 than it is doing elsewhere.

The older viewers who have proven to be the most loyal viewers over a period of time are the viewers that Days is losing.
For Women 50+, it is true that their numbers have dropped this year but overall not a lot. This is DOOL's best demo. They have consistently outperformed soaps-as-a-whole for the last year. In fact, they have lost only 1/3 of the older women in the last 6 months that they gained in the 6 months prior to that.

Women 50+ are not DOOL's problem although I still think they should work hard to appeal to that growing demo. DOOL's problem is finding and holding viewers in the demos's that have hurt them badly this year.....Women 18-49 and Men.

I had no idea so many men were soap watchers until I started to look at these numbers. Y&R absolutely dominates this demo along with the Women 50+.
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