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Aug 9 2008, 05:04 PM
I finally saw Friday´s show and let me tell you, if Dena is the one who wrote it I really don´t want to see her go. I don´t even remember when we had a show like this where several stories culminated all at once. I enjoyed everything.

First, I´m totally amazed with the actress playing Melanie. She is a newcomer with a zero experience with soaps, yet she is perfectly natural even when they give her some really crazy yet funny lines. She is so lively. Totally character I will hate to love. Now, I´m one of the few here who likes Stax together but I agree the France storylines was very dull so far, because it lacked any conflict. But not anymore. Melanie has turned it into a very enjoyble and funny adventure and I really laughed out loud at poor´s Steph exasperated face when the French guard put her behind the bar. You could see all the actors really enjoyed their scenes yesterday and that´s not always the case.

Now, my sweet spunky Morgan. Her reaction today after Phil did her confession is exactly the reason why I love the character and the actress. She is just not accepting anyone´s BS. And thanks god we finally had some buildup today and it wasn´t done the same abrupt way like her John confrontation. I loved the way they first shown their closeness and next his quilt when Morgan started to reminisce and Phil knew he is partially responsible. And I liked his concern for Bo too. Dena is really doing good work so far keeping Phil strong and tough as his father is, yet not a bad boy.

The church scenes actually came much better than I thought from mags. I ve had feeling they will make look Bo stupid he just confesses for no reason at all, but PR really shown Bo´s inner struggle and why he can´t keep the secret anymore. I´m little scared what Dena has in store for BoPe after the Olympic because noway can Bo stay in force, but the revelation was very effective.

And finally the hospital and poor Marlena. Now, there is a proof Dena was a storyeditor for an entire Reilly´s first run. This was right from his book, from Marlena spending entire episode laying helpless on floor to Stephano each segment repeating the same thing using different lines. But you know, it still felt much better than Stefano dictating his testament and planning his pension plan which is basically what Sheffer did with the character last year. I think this sort of above the reality campiness is what makes the character work. Now, if it turns into evil Andre putting bombs everywhere I will scream but so far I really enjoy his return. This is Stefano people want to see, not dying old man having troubles with his prostate and trying to find wife for his son.

Anyway, good work and I hope it´s a sign of more good things to come. Whoever wrote the last week needs to continue.
I just watched yesterday's episode. I loved that scene and the fact that they didn't write Morgan to fall in a puddle at Philip's feet. THIS is the Morgan I enjoy...not the "wah, wah, where's mah daddy" type.
For the record, I don't like her accent any more than I like Marlena's gasping or Sami's sometimes obnoxious braying that is supposed to represent laughter. But shoot, we gotta overlook this stuff in the grand scheme of things.
I am actually intrigued with the Marlena/Stefano showdown. I enjoy Marlena so much more when she's unconscious. :D No, seriously, if Marlena isn't trying to be saved by John or trying to nose in other people's business when they don't want to talk or is all 'do as I say and not as I do' (as she was with John wanting to kill Stefano), but when she's all kick ass, she's actually pretty good. I want to see some kick ass.

Ohmigosh, I actually enjoyed Stax scenes! This frenemy dynamic between Melanie and Stephanie can be very very good if they don't drop it like a bad habit. Was the bracelet bitch the one who is Dena's daughter? Yikes. Nepotism....what can I say?
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