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Aug 9 2008, 03:42 PM
I don't agree with your statement that everyone blends with everyone else. I don't see any chemistry between Dan and Chelsea or between Stephanie and Max. I also find that some characters and couples have higher amounts of chemistry together than others.

But let's just end this discussion here with this:

I hate Morgan. I would probably dislike her anyways (because I did dislike her back when she was just in the sorority storyline. I thought she was awful to Chelsea and acted like a spoiled brat and the accent bugged even then). I will state, AGAIN, that I am very biased in my opinions against Morgan and I am cognizant of this fact.

It's like everyone keeps trying to make me admit to something that I keep repeatedly admitting to. :)
Chelsea and Daniel do have chemistry, but it's just that no one really likes them as a couple. Age difference or whatever other reason. But that's neither here, nor there since I wasn't talking about couples. I was more talking about the show as a whole. Everyone else blends together and on some level (some more than others) they have chemistry with each other. Even Stephanie has those chemistry qualities with her sorority sisters and her parents. Chloe has no one. Which sucks, because I don't remember her sticking out in a "Why the hell is she here?" manner last time she was on the show.
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