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Grandpa Hughes
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I have to love some of the "bitchery"(is that even a word?) on this site and the way it lives up to the "no holds barred" rep! The backstage stuff about DAYS/ Higley/ Scott/Corday/ Unnamed "over blown Diva" has been riveting! I've been reading/lurking for over a week and finally registered! I can access Nelson's pages but I haven't been able to access the Fan Fic! My Mom's all-time favorite soap was "FROM THESE ROOTS" so I'd love to be able to see some of this as well as "HIDDEN SECRETS" and other things I'm just seeing today! Do I have to climb my way out of "commoner" (I love it!) status before I can read them and listen to Buzzworthy? Sorry for all of the questions if this is not the right forum but I've apparently regressed to computer illiteracy here!
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