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Aug 10 2008, 10:51 AM
Aug 10 2008, 09:47 AM
Why would anyone comment that Nancy looked gaunt and hoped she wasn't ill. She looked perfectly fine and healthy.
No she was fat, but apparently it's more okey to comment on skinny people then fat ones.
I think there's a difference between being mean-spirited about it and expressing concern. And believe me, I'm sure there are comments about Patrika. There are nasty comments made quite frequently on boards about Kathy Brier. i've only seen one post here which I would consider nasty and making fun of Kristian...well, make that two, because someone thought the first post was funny. I don't think, on the several boards I'm on, I've seen any other mean-spirited comments. OK, i take that back. Prevuze has, and I didn't think it was funny.

The push to be thin has reached epidemic proportions in the United States because of issues like this...that you need to be THIN to make it as an entertainer. The media is throwing this image at little girls. Nasty cusses send people like Allison Sweeney pictures of Miss Piggy when the child was perfectly healthy.

I have heard that Kristian Alfonso was sent to fat farms when she was younger. She was an ice skater. I don't know if that was the connection or not, but it sends the wrong message to young girls, just like young boys feel the need to sneak steroids in order to compete in athletics.

So, why are the posts expressing concern so wrong? I would agree that mocking posts are.
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