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Aug 8 2008, 02:28 PM
If J&M can be reunited and be together without sacrificing their respected individual characters then I'm for it.

I don't want what we got from 1999-2007, which was Marlena either being a raging bitch or a victim and John getting more purpose then Marlena. Seriously, Marlena's only consistent purpose in those years was to be by John's side and make out with him, with the exception of the SSK mess. I want to see the Marlena of late 2007/early 2008. That is who Marlena is and I hope we can get that and the current version of John (only soften him a bit). That would be ideal for me, personally.
I REALLY hope they go the route of Marlena learning to accept John for what and who he is now and as a result, John possibly mellowing without losing the snark. One of the things I cannot stand about Marlena is how she tries to force her will on others. Trying to INSIST that John get his memory back before he's ready (if he's ever ready) is just wrong. However, having Marlena trying to meet him halfway and coming to terms with things HERSELF would go far for me. The show has to admit ON the show that Marlena is NOT the omnipresent Pillar of Strength and not admit her weaknesses. I LOVED, loved how John called her out on drugging Stefano. I loved it. That's one thing I like about this new John. He doesn't let Marlena get away with her attitude. He tells her her shit stinks. (This is what I like about Bo and Hope, especially with Hope. She lets Bo know when he's stupid. THIS is more like a real married couple!!)

Example:One of the things I couldn't stand about Belle was how everyone kowtowed to her, no matter how she might have hurt other people. The only people who called her on her shit were "secondary" characters like Mimi and Bonnie. Having Hope (judgemental as she was) call Belle on her stuff went a long way in redeeming this character for me. TWoP likes to call it "the glittery hoo-ha". So many people loved Sami because she DIDN'T have this glitter. She made mistakes...she was called on those mistakes...she rose from the ashes and went on. During the past few months, she's been glitter-fied, and she's an absolute bore. I've seen glimmers of redemption from that, and I hope it continues.

Now, if Marlena can just come around to accepting John where he is, now, right now, and use this to start a whole new relationship, I might just be able to watch without wanting to throw something. (I rarely FF the show itself, just because I feel it's important to watch in order to discuss a show with any semblance of intelligence. ;) )
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