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Aug 10 2008, 05:21 PM
Aug 10 2008, 12:14 PM
Aug 7 2008, 05:54 PM
Aug 7 2008, 05:39 PM
Well, even though I do NOT want them together, I would say "It's a start, isn't it?"
Bringing bad ass Stefano back to seek revenge on Marlena...that's a step in the right direction.

Having John say that he doesn't want Marlena to leave him, as he gives her CPR...that's a step in the right direction.

John saying he only cares for Marlena because Stefano went after her...that's not what I would call a step in the right direction. We're 8 months into this story. It's time John admit he has feeling for her, as playing that emotionless card is gettin' just a wee bit old.
But there are people still enjoying the emotionless card, and actually, John is not emotional-less. Claire proved that.
What emotions would you say would lead him to blow his wife off at pub, ask her to dinner, then pork other chick? [Aside from a high-paid guest actress' guarantee?]

And what twisted condition would lead one to order liver smothered in assorted fruit?

Look, it is a soap, and we are dealing with laveneder shit coming out of hospital vents-- I don't wanna be too serious.

But John, I am not computing. I have watched the dude for MORE than half my life and this is the first time I found myself going, 'wha'???? ' one day. Then then next day, I was more confused and thinking, 'but didn't you say,wha????' And in the back of my mind I started thinking, 'No, I mean the empty skulls in the writers room couldn't let you say this, even before the ratings for this week were aggregated, could they? They gotta track the stuff that works and doesn't by the numbers, no?''

And then, 'wha?????????' eventually got followed by a 20+ yr historic first-- I pressed off. [More modernly, I also cancelled my season pass DVR program]. John started to make me think my own mother sounded sane by comparison. Lemme just say, that is saying sumptin'.

Honest-- I can see him being hurt, even can see the producers trying out how the porking w the high paid guest actress worked-- but I CANNOT understand his motivation or character integrity from one SCENE to the next-- much less one show or one twist to the next.

Cheers to hoping the damage is spackled and patched starting Monday.

Either that, or I have a bad feeling those sands gonna run dry f-a-s-t.
it doesn't necessarily have to compute with you to mean that others can't enjoy this new John, including the actor himself. A lot of John's inner turmoil, it seems to me, is confusion, which is an emotion. He's also pissed at people trying to tell him what he's supposed to be. Claire never did that. Claire just accepted him for him. Reminds me a lot of the kids at school who rebel when trying to be shoehorned into something they're not.

And, yeah, it's a soap. So there's over-reaction. And? Other characters over-react all the time. I was never so madly in love with the old John that I can't accept this new John. In fact, old John's simpering over Marlena just.....blech. It was a huge turn-off to me. But, I suppose I can understand why J&M fans are upset. Agree with it? Naw.

And, maybe, just MAYBE if they write Marlena starting with him from WHERE he is and taking him at that value, she might go further with him. There's some good potential storytelling here. Remember Marlena and Alex North? She wasn't exactly evil, but she was turning John away. A lot of similiarities here. Oh, yeah, and Marlena the serial killer? Marlena the possessed? Those Marlenas were evil. More stories of love redeeming all. It's just John's turn to be saved, but not by force. As a psychiatrist, Marlena should know better.

By the way......a lot of what he is doing is because of Stefano's treatment of him (I'll wager). So, now John wants to the be the boss and in control because he WASN'T in control when Stefano took his memories.

Sometimes, you just need to delve into the human psyche a little bit more.......... ;) (note I said PSYCHE, not PSYCHO!) :P

And, yeah, I'm gonna keep enjoying Jawn, even though I do wish Claire was still here for him.
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