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I'm with the others. This is the worst she has ever looked and most are commenting out of concern. As has been mentioned before, her weight fluctuates. She has periods where she seems to put on some weight and looks healthy and then she has periods where people become concerned but this is the worst it's ever been. Before this, I think the worst she ever looked was a few years ago when her mother passed away in real life. She got really thin following that, probably due to the stress. I remember reading somewhere that Peter Reckell was asked about her at an event and he said something like she had alot going on that she had to deal with. Stress can often times be a factor. She works on Days alot, has two kids, her clothing line, and her jewelry line. Then you have to factor in any fan appearances she makes. She has a history of weight fluctuation but when it's the worst most of us have ever seen, it's going to be commented on because we are concerned. Whether or not one likes Hope or even KA, I think it's warranted to be concerned. We are concerned about her health because what we are seeing just doesn't look healthy.

Now, on to Friday's episode, which was great.

I agree with Jane in that the church scenes were much better executed then they sounded. I like that they had everyone doubting the truth and then the reporter laid everything out and then questioned Hope to come forward. You could see Bo's conflict and the guilt building inside. He never wanted to do this. He regretted it immediately after doing it so I can see why he would come out with it. I think a part of him just wants to get it over with because he can't take it anymore. I liked Caroline's reaction too and her questioning Victor and also Mickey stepping up to help Bo. I also enjoyed John lurking in the shadows, watching it all unfold. That can play well into the upcoming Stefano stuff as he will need to find redemption. I also liked that they kept the Chelsea/Daniel stuff out of all this. We only saw Daniel trying to calm Chelsea and he was nonexistent Thursday. The actor playing the reporter was quite good. Marnie Saitta really is very good. I mean, even most of the extras are solid.

Philip/Morgan I really enjoyed. Loved the talk they had about her mother and father and how their marriage fell apart and affected her. I think that was needed to help the audience relate. Renton is really handling the material well. I'm glad Philip came out and told her and the slap scene was very good. Glad this story got movement going into the Olympic stuff since we know it won't see focus for two weeks. Enjoyed Kate and Victor's involvement too. I, too, think Kate got Victor out of the church so he couldn't be questioned. That and it may have been too much for him and I think they wanted to warn Philip. I kind of got chills when Kate told Philip at the end that her and Victor will protect him. I love it when Kate is like that LOL.

The Stefano/Marlena stuff, like Jane mentioned, did feel repetitive in spots but I think that is more buildup then anything. It was creepy hearing Stefano allude to what was going on and then the scene shifting to Marlena, who was struggling to call for help. They have driven the point home that this Stefano is the Stefano of old and not Hogan's so that is a good thing. Can't wait for this story to really amp up Monday. The buildup has set it up nicely.

Last but not least, I adore Melanie. I agree that the actress, who had a few over the top moments to start, is only getting better by the day and she has turned this story into something very entertaining. Darin and her worked great together. The jail scenes were hilarious and her digs at Stephanie are funny as hell. Love that she calls her princess and love how she ended up free and Stephanie and Max ended up being locked up. Again, glad this story got some movement since we won't see it for two weeks.

All in all, the best week Days has had since April easily and hopefully this is the start of something. I feel like after weeks of slow improvement, the show has hit it's stride. I can't wait for the Olympics stories we start getting Monday.
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