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Aug 9 2008, 02:45 PM
Hey, camp is camp.
Well, the 1968 stuff might be camp and the Mendorra stuff too (yuck!) but the Todd/Marty/Blair/John and Cole/Starr stuff doesn't come off campy. In fact, it's extremely well written and played off really well by the actual talented actors in this bunch (yes, there are two who can't act for s**t in that bunch).

I hope the 1968 story ends soon. It is just badly written and poorly acted. Call it camp or whatever. I just call it a bust. If I have to see Farah play Emma Bradley or Melissa play Maria one more time I am going to hurl. Send these two ladies to an acting class or two. OMG. They are just awful. Sorry to their fans. They are just terrible in this storyline.
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