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Aug 11 2008, 06:40 AM
Umm...what? She thinks that's why soaps are doing badly? What does reality TV have to do with anything???

All we want are character driven storylines and love stories. Why is that so hard for them to understand?
Reality shows, in fact, do have an impact on TV in general. They are easy to market and produce because they don't require actor salaries. This certainly isn't the first time this has been noticed. Also, cable is a high competition because it doesn't have the limits that regular broadcast TV does.
It makes sense.
And, really, using the collective "we" shouldn't be used. You can't speak for soap fans everywhere. You can SPECULATE and say what you want, but your wishes aren't necessarily the wishes of all viewers. There are plenty of viewers (and it's been discussed on this board), who like the action and big impact stories. Believe it or not, not all soap viewers want the love stories. Think about Desperate Housewives. Could you honestly say a lot of people watch that show for the love stories? Yeah, it's prime time, but it also gets viewers and water cooler buzz.
For instance, I watch Days for sentimental reasons, and it's a bonus when we get good stories. Yes, I like character development, but believe it or not, I don't particularly care for the "love story", per say. It's a nice bonus. But I don't watch for a particular couple to come together come hell or high water, especially if it's at the price of sacrificing a good story.
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