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Aug 11 2008, 03:16 PM
I agree about Days. I've watched since Friday, and have seen Tuedsay's show (I'm Canadian). I thought all the actors were great. But please, no more triangles or quads. J&M haven't even been given a chance yet. I liked the John/Anna scenes, but saw no romantic chemistry, same with the Tony/Marlena scene on Tuesday's show, in fact, it was a little disturbing in that hospital room. I'm enjoying the suspense and how this story has played the last couple of days, I'd like to continue to enjoy it.
ITA hops. I've watched the show live Thursday and today for the first time in ages and definitely noticed improvement. And, please. no more quads, triangles etc for J&M. Why can't actors of the opposite sex have some good scenes without trying to turn them into something romantic? I do remember an attempt at "Mony" was a disaster the first time anyway.
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