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Thanks Nelson!

Daytime: Passion-itis alert!
Mendorra. 1968. Ghosts turning into demons before urging pregnant women to jump into an ocean. Purple gas. Baby Max is black. Pubescent first cousins Parker and Liberty have sex. Are soaps trying to lure Passions fans to their soaps by trying to be like James E. Reilly? Listen up, Idiots In Charge. There’s a reason why Passions was cancelled, so stop it!

:o Which soaps are doing those things? LOL

Passions may have been cancelled but atleast it was given a second chance. Its a shame that 2nd chance was ruined. Passions only good wacky and crazy around the middle on 2005 and in 2008 with the Vincent/Valerie/Julian crap.

You should let your Canadian readers know that Superchannel is airing reruns of Passions. They started today. ;)

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