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I am not saying I couldn't get into a quadrangle with folk that are more than 9 years old and have some history.

But, I need some J&M requitement before I see Tannarlena drama.

So long as it makes SOME SENSE, I don't care if I get a crumb followed by angst. Hell, I could even take Kritter. Or even the John/Stpehano/Marlena angle still amuses me.

Chris Kositchek needs to go undercover and offscreen and find Savannah Wilder, but I won't really digress on this issue.

They could also bring Belle back-- or shite-- at LEAST Claire.

SOMETHING, fer chrrisssssssake, that has some semblance of watchability.

Right now, I am tentatively programming day by day and looking to see how they handle their way in and out of the purple haze.

It's not that I mind conflict-- all drama needs it.

Its random, directionless, inexplicable spew with no real sentiment behind it that makes me deprogram the Tivo.

But give J&Mers [and I am, admittedly, a seious one] a break (and Tanna-ites too!) before you go running around discussing storylines for next Feb sweeps!

Ya? We'ze got to get thru November and renewals still!!!!!

And in the future, for goodness sake, keep Carlys) on GH. ALL OF THEM! Crunch the numbers and see the light. Write the writing on the wall. Whatever.

Anyway, today rocked.
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