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Aug 11 2008, 04:33 PM
I love Anna too. I will give her props for not succumbing to the Hollywood pressure of getting her face stretched beyond belief. I am okay with wrinkles and lines around the face.
I just didn't realize the difference between regular TV and Hi def. I went back and forth and there is a huge difference.
Like on the Olympics...last night I watched Michael Phelps' team beat France and on reg TV, it was normal. On HiDef, I could see tiny droplets of water fly during the swimming. The tiniest things are noticable.

There are several characters who probably wish HD had never been invented! When I first got my HDTV, I became obsessed with moles. It's amazing how many actors have moles all over their faces, and I had never noticed it before!

As for today's show, I enjoyed it a lot. I always appreciate Stefano's long monologues and I've missed that accent. Loved that tear coming down his face and his righteous indignation and insistence that family is the motivating factor behind it all...classic Stefano! And throwing the gauntlet down to Tony...asking what side he will be on...delicious.

Although Sami was a little too hysterical for my taste today, I did appreciate what she said to John about coming to terms with who he is now. I think a lot of his questionable actions have been motivated by his wanting to prove that he's not the superhero John everyone keeps raving about. Remember how kind and cute and at ease he was when he was with Claire? That was because she was the only one who just accepted him for who he is, instead of comparing him to who he used to be.

I love Anna!
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