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I'm literally in awe at how great today's show was...First off kudos to Thaao and Joseph for their magnificent scenes today..They both hit it out of the ballpark...When written right the Dimera's are such a fascinating family....I got chills as Stefano told Tony he had to pick a side as the battle lines were about to be drawn..And today's show should make the Tony and Anna fans very happy..it took about a year, but finally they are getting some awesome material..

Speaking of Anna, i absolutely loved her today...It was fun watching Anna interact with John, Sami, EJ, and even Kayla...Leann has great chemistry with everyone...My favorite Anna moments were her surprise at riding the motorcycle and her telling John she's wearing heels..Then i enjoyed both Tony and Kayla congratulating her for helping save Marlena..And of course Anna asking Tony if she helmet hair!!!too cute..

Sami and EJ were great today as well...They work so much better when they are supporting characters in the Dimera story, as opposed to last summer when the whole plot revolved around them.It seems like Dena or whoever finally has it right by having the story focus on Stefano's revenge on Marlena, and how that affects John..

Another noteworthy scene was Kayla telling John off..So happy that MBE is finally getting good material as well...Looking forward to her being apart of this arc...Also great cliffhanger today and i loved how the previews make you want to tune in tomorrow..Who would want to miss John and Stefano facing off for the first time??
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