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Please don't think I'm being snobby or lazy for not reading the fan fic, just from the titles I can tell they're all great. But I hardly have time to write my articles, watch all the soaps, watch my prime time diet, write my other columns (which are 90 percent of my income, yet the soaps take 99 percent of my time discuss), as well as do my film work, as well as develop a TV project that has a lot of interest. If I read the fan fic, I know I'm done for. And I'll probably have to quit soaps because, although that will happen sooner than later, if I have proof you guys are more talented than the soap scribes, I'll really lose it. And of course, you are. A dead fetus is more talented than most of these people. Oh, was that harsh? Fan fic is really new to me because I left the soap world for 5 years and I had no idea until I posted here it existed. So impressed!
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