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Today's show - WOW. This show was right up there with other dialogue-based shows like the one where John woke up in the hospital in January. Thaao and Joe should be considering today's material for their next Emmy reels. Their timing was impeccable, and I also noticed the tears in Joe's eyes. The dialogue was so nuanced and deep, and both of them rose to the occasion.

Also liked all the interactions between the various characters, Kayla/Anna/John especially. These characters are all old friends (well, not John exactly, but still), and it was so nice to see that acknowledged.

Sorry, but could have done without Sami in Marlena's townhouse. In such a 'vet heavy' show, Sami's hysterics really seemed even more out of place than they otherwise would have. I did like most of the Sami/John dialogue in the hospital, in that someone reminded John of his feelings for Marlena (and hers for him). However, I found myself thinking that it would have fit better into Kayla's conversation with John.

Overall, a great show, one of the best in months. Can't wait to see where this storyline is headed!

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