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Well, whoever is writing it needs to stay!

I'm one of the few who has been seeing improvement steadily for awhile now but since the calendar turned to August, this show has become GOLD!!

Seriously, today rocked, plain and simple. i always enjoy small cast episodes like this. It's less work for the writers and they can provide us with good character stuff and they did that today. The Tony/Stefano scenes were a fine example of that. The fact that the show had so few characters to focus on allowed for the scenes to have time to breathe and be expanded so we could fully get inside the character's minds. I think the stuff with Tony and Stefano was needed. Some questioned how Tony was acting and I think today was a nice nod at reminding fans of the conflict in Tony. He wants to choose family but only if Stefano will change his ways. Tony has always been trying to get through to Stefano and we saw that today. Tony laid out why he shouldn't side with Stefano and we also saw why he would and it's simple...this is still his father and, just like I feel Tony would like to one day either take over the empire or help the empire become something that stands for good, I feel Tony wants Stefano to end his vengeful acts and become a better person. I think Tony still hopes for that and that is the source of the conflict and I can understand it. i just loved Joe getting teary-eyed when discussing the torture Marlena put him through by putting him in a coma. Thaoo and Joe were amazing today. Definitely Emmy-reel stuff.

Anna/John was a delight. Loved the motorcycle banter and their working together to find and save Marlena. I liked John's "by the book" approach with the CPR and was LMAO when she began breathing and he yelled out "Sensational!" and threw his arms up in the air. The John/Sami conversation and John/Kayla face off were so needed as it seems we are heading back in the direction of the "old" John or some part of him still being in there. It's clear he just wants people to accept him and that could very well explain his actions. He wants to prove he isn't what he used to be. MBE was great today, as was Drake. Liked the little J&M moment too with him coming into her room.

I also enjoyed the Anna/EJ/Sami interaction and Anna/Kayla interaction. I'm a sucker for small things like that. The cute Tony/Anna moments were so nice to see. Give us more of these two!! They were in their element today. This is the Tony and Anna I grew up watching!

Sami/EJ was ok. I do like them much better in supporting roles but I'm so sick of Sami's hysterics. Ali used to be good at this but now I feel she's done it so much of late she's phoning it in and just shrieking and lashing out. It feels so empty, like doing it just to get the job done. The character of Sami just feels like a mess. I really do think it's best to give her a rest for a few months. EJ didn't do much today but I liked him being Sami's calming presence.

Kudos to for having Kayla mention the Bo and Hope situation. I hope they keep making mentions of the other stories since we won't be seeing them. That way they can keep up the momentum of those stories.

The ending was a nice cliffhanger too. Can't wait for tomorrow as today was just superb.
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