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The show was phenomenal and I am excited about the next two weeks. I loved the entire show and that was likely because the young annoying people were not on. The problem I have with the young people is both storylines and I don't seem to care at all about Stephanie, Chelsea, Morgan and Max. I think it has to do with the lack of build up or caring that they had when first introduced on screen.

I remember when Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Phillip were in the younger set and we felt connected to them because they were somehow connected to our fav vets. The were involved with their parents and families and so we saw them as extensions of them. Now they simply mention or throw these young people into scenes with their Parents, Payla and Bope, and we are just supposed to accept that these are fav offspring. It never worked for me.

I did not like snotty Chelsea when first introduced (her killing Zach certainly did not help) and now that she is loving immature/yet much more mature than three months ago, Chelsea who gets along with Bope, I still don't like her. Stax I will admit have chemistry but the whole uncle/neice thing freaks me out something awful. Standing alone, I hate Stephanie and find Max tolerable. Morgan can just go. Bringing on newer even more annoying characters that have to interact with other annoying characters like this Melanie chick is not helpful.

The show is good wih the vets and the late twenty somethings and early thirties people. I say bring back Belle and Shawn, Mimi and Rex and maybe Cassie and Will. At least I know and care about those young people even after years of absence, which is more than I can say for this current group.
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