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Aug 12 2008, 05:56 AM
Ahh, the show is SO good right now! I totally agree, the smaller cast is an EXCELLENT way to tell story, it's a lot more engaging and focused.

I am annoyed at Stefano though, he's been AWESOME but he's whining like a little bitch about what Marlena did to him. Dude, does anyone give two shits? What about the shit he did to HER - seperating her from her husband and kids for YEARS, forcing her to give birth to 'alien twins', numerous other kidnapping attempts, what he's done to John...and he's whining that he was in a coma for a few months? Please. He's taken years and years of Marlena's life for his crazy shenanigans.

That said, this is also an interesting twist to the Stefano/Marlena story. As crazy as he is, prior to this, Stefano would have never physically hurt Marlena. Emotionally abuse, kidnap, yes - but imo, it was always like he was too blinded by his 'love' (obsession, rather) to ever actually harm her. So now what, the blinders are off? Or is he just temporarily hurting her, i.e. not the full experience that HE had with these drugs?
lol, but it made me laugh. He's so like a petulant child. He did all that to her and her loved ones for so many years, but now SHE attacked him, SHE started it. I couldn't help but laugh at how insane he is. Loved Tony trying to deal with him. Stefano never truly loved her, he just wanted something he couldn't have, like a toy (that happened to be his brother's). He's always been a big spoiled baby. I love Stefano, lol.

Speaking of his brother, I also loved John being somewhat childish creeping his hand up that bed to Marlena then moving it when Sami almost caught him. That was adorable.

The childlike DiMera brothers lol.

LOVED the whole ep!

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