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Daily spoilers

Monday, August 25th
Marlena, awakening from her paralysis, does not recognize John at first; a guard recognizes Stephanie in jail; Melanie shows Nick to the jail; Lucas tells Sami he is taking his daughter and leaving; Trent wants Nicole to provide him with information.

Tuesday, August 26th
Bo gives Roman the original recording of Philip threatening Paul; Caroline gets a call from Max as Trent listens; Kate tells Daniel she is worried about Chelsea finding out about them; Melanie says she can't help Max and Stephanie; Nicole questions Trent.

Wednesday, August 27th
Bo is determined to crack the Hollingsworth case; Morgan is angry with Philip, though she still loves him; Philip is served with a subpoena; Chelsea surprises Daniel at his apartment; Roman and John argue over where Marlena should recuperate.

Thursday, August 28th
Melanie asks a friend to help get Max and Stephanie out of jail; Trent learns that Nick is out of town; Daniel confides in Lexie; Lexie tries to patch things up between Chelsea and Daniel; Trent wants to hire Steve to find Nick in Europe.

Friday, August 29th
Marlena is not in her hospital room and nobody seems to know where she is; John finds Marlena; Chelsea meets Daniel and Kate at the pub; Tony and Anna move their things into the DiMera mansion; Anna is uncomfortable with the situation.

**UPDATED 8/13**

National Enquirer spoilers

Daniel tells Chelsea about his relationship with Kate.

Lucas tells Sami that he taking Allie with him.

Nick mets Melanie and they instantly form a connection.


**UPDATED 8/15**

SOW Sneak Peeks

Week of August 18th

Stefano hands baby Joe over to Rolf
Lucas deals with Sami's latest betrayal
EJ and Tony unite to fight over the DiMera empire
Stefano vows to destroy John, Marlena and the Brady's

Can't miss:
Thursday Aug.21st - Kayla and Steve reunite with their son.

Week of August 25th

Chelsea reads Kate's text message to Daniel
Morgan sees her dad
Tony and Anna make a move
Trent strong arms Nicole

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Marlena recovers from her near paralysis; Lucas tells Sami he's taking his daughter and leaving.

Bo gives Roman the envelope that holds information about Philip's threat; Melanie says she can't help Max and Stephanie because she's broke.

Chelsea surprises Daniel at his apartment; Philip is served a subpoena.

Chelsea reacts to learning that Kate and Chelsea have slept together; Caroline finds Steve working on his Web site.

Chelsea meets with Kate and Daniel at the pub; Marlena disappears from her hospital room.

**UPDATED 8/19**

Daytime Dial spoilers

* Daniel tells Chelsea the truth about his relationship with Kate.

* Lucas tells Sami hes taking Allie and leaving.

* Nick finds Melanie, and they have an instant connection.

* John asks Marlena to come home with him when shes released from the hospital.

* Max tells Tiffany that he has a girlfriend, but she kisses him anyways.

Thursday Steve thinks its time to investigate Trent Robbins.

Friday Stefano tells Tony that hes coming home.


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