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Ah...if Sami goes back to groveling when Lucas threatens to take Ali, I will scream! I want to see Sami bitch slap him and tell him to go fuck Chloe! I'd give anything to see my Sami return!

It seems as if Days writers take turns every other week cuz one week, it is slow and dull, and for two weeks, we got insane goodness, now it seems we might have gone backwards...and I think it is because we have Stax and Chan taking up alot of time.

I am concerned that Melanie will be a little too over the top that there will be no way sweet, humble Nick will mesh with wild, obnoxious lying Melanie.
So, do we get the feeling that when Chelsea surprises Dan at his house, Kate will be there? How much longer do we have to watch those two say the same thing. If it was a one timer, can't they move on and pretend it didn't happen?

I look forward to Phorgan. So detective Bo made a copy of the tape before he gave one to Victor? Interesting.
Love that Tony and Anna will be moving in the mansion. It seems that is what most people are looking forward to.

This might not be as bad as I think. I am optimistic about Days right now!
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