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Aug 12 2008, 04:18 PM
Aug 12 2008, 04:10 PM
Aug 12 2008, 03:40 PM
It's so apparent that there's been a backstage struggle.

We go from the most boring shit we've ever watched, to a week of the most exciting stuff we've had in a year, then immediately back to the most boring shit we've ever watched. Fuck you, Days.
But whatīs on screen now is not a story. Itīs an event. Itīs exactly the same stuff like the plane crash. Isolated event with no real impact. Itīs the kind of stuff GH usually does for sweeps, itīs exciting, but it cannot go for a long time. Itīs three days and itīs already repeating, thatīs why we wil get the Nicolīs fantasy story beginning the next week.

I must say Iīm really tired with this the show is good - Ed Scott is writing, the show is bad - Dena is back. Even Nelson said we will get back to Denaīs stuff in four weeks. This will be only two, so even if his source is right this is Ed Scottīs stuff too. And the backstage struggle happened only a week or so ago, so even assuming all the rumours are right it will take atleast another month till we get back to Denaīs stuff again.
Very true, but it's not as if Ed Scott could just completely abandon the Higley stories. Even if he were made headwriter tomorrow, he'd still have to address them and find some way for them to wrap up. I don't for one second believe that ES would write for Stax/Chan/etc. if he didn't have to.

Who the hell knows though. Days is such a clusterfuck nowadays, it's hard to tell anything.
When you say "Stax" and "Chan", you mean the couples themselves, right? Not the individual characters? Cause I wouldn't believe any smart writer/producer could just throw the younger set aside and not attempt to build them for the future.
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