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I'm with Jane on this. Seriously, we knew the other stories were coming back and, if we are going by what Nelson said, this is still Ed Scott's stuff so maybe it will surprise people. Hell, last week, people were praising the Melanie/Max/Stephanie stuff and now it's crap? Some of you are honestly losing me. I hear some go on and on about how they hate it when soaps drop stories, whether those stories are good or bad, but yet it sounds like some want them to drop other stories and just focus on the people we are seeing now. Isn't that contributing to the problem? People say they want balance yet when we get a balanced week like we see in these previews (and it is balanced...John/Marlena story on 3 days, Paul story on a few days, Chan/Kate on a few days, Stax/Melanie/Nick on a few days) people have a fit. I honestly don't know what some want anymore. Is it just because these seem to be through and through Higley stories? I don't like the woman either but it's not that bad and her stories were actually moving in a nice direction even before Stefano's return, although no surprise some still found that boring.

I have to say this week looks promising. It sounds like the Daniel/Kate affair is exposed because why else would Lexie be wanting to patch things up with Daniel and Chelsea? That is a positive and major story movement. It could be Ed Scott's way of tying that up, if this is his material. It does look like stories may be repositioning as the Stax stuff becomes more about dealing with Melanie and the Melanie/Nick interaction and the Chan stuff will be imploding a bit because of the reveal. Plus, the Paul story has turned into a good Bo/Kiriakis story.

I'm glad Nick sees more action. I like that the Paul stuff is finally moving and Tony and Anna moving into the mansion is a major plus and soon mean we will see them more. The J&M stuff seems good too. I honestly don't see what is so bad about this. It's pretty balanced and there is movement. Sure, there isn't some huge happening like this week and next but that can't happen all the time. Like Jane said, that is an event that gives birth to new stories and developments, as we can see in these spoilers. It makes me laugh how people bashed the hell out of Higley for doing events yet are praising Ed Scott for what we are seeing now, which is an event.

Hopefully, the week can please some naysayers but it looks like a decent week to me. Hell, I wouldn't even blame the show for having a slow week the week of 8/25. It's sort of the last week of summer in a way. People are taking last minute vacations and such. School is coming. Colleges reopen. The numbers for soaps, particularly Days, usually take a hit around this time period. I've seen Days in recent years put out some good stuff the week before Labor Day and into September and get nothing for it because of the summer coming to a close and the holiday weekend. It seems like this year they will at least give us a week with plot movement, which is good.
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