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I think Ed Scott would realize he's got to build a younger group of characters, and I don't think that any of the young actors or characters are so horrible that he (or anyone) wouldn't want to write for them. I personally would rather watch Stephanie, Max, Nick and Melanie in France any day of the week rather than watch one more minute of the EJ/Sami/Lucas merry-go-round, especially if Stax and Co.are written as they've been over the past couple of weeks (or EJamilu are written as they were all of last year).

I personally don't find John and Marlena compelling, even though I think I could find them more compelling if Iiked their acting or found their chemistry together appealing, or if their story was better written. But I don't assume my lack of interest in them means that nobody else finds them interesting. And I do understand they have a place on the show just as much as my favorites do. So I deal.

(I haven't yet found my ability to do that with Chan, though. Hard as I try).

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