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I can't even comment on the huge, disappointing, waste of my life that will be the Grandmasex Reveal. I don't even know why I bother anymore.

Oh, and the Olympic stuff right now sucks too. I know I'm in the minority, but aside from a few characters (and I mean like, one or two) I don't care what happens to everyone. Let them all die in the freaking hospital from The Evil Purple Gas of Doom. I mean it, even Ej.

Melanie, I'm afraid will eventually get ruined like every other good opportunity on this damn show. Why can't Stax and Chan be in the hospital and fall down an elevator shaft while hallucinating a gigantic purple hot air balloon?

Oh, and Lucas can take his empty threats and shove 'em. STFU. Seriously, all these storylines are poor remakes of stuff that was actually compelling at one point and then lost it's zest after the, um, 40th time it was done. I feel like I've read these same spoilers for this same storyline for the last two years.

Gah, why am I such a miserable bitch today?
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