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Aug 12 2008, 04:53 PM
I just donīt understand how anyone can call it storyline, because IMO itīs just big entrance for Stefano.
It is a big entrance for Stefano, but if done right (and it looks like it might be!), it will be the way to jump-start the other stories that have stagnated under Higley.

Itīs great mainly because the character interaction are still fresh and people are happy just because their favorites are suddenly dominating, but the story is non existant. Marlena lies paralyzed while all people come in to tell her how great she is?
Ahem, no comment about Marlena (and that's not what happens), but I think this is missing the point. Marlena is paralyzed because of an ongoing back-and-forth between Stefano and her. Stefano is exacting revenge for what she did to him, which was because of what he did to John, etc etc. That's a story! Now it sounds like she's not exactly 100% when she wakes up... I think it will be interesting to see what happens.

Stefano repeats for n-th times to anybody who listens he wants and will have his revenge?
I thought yesterday's scenes were far from that. Stefano has not (imo) been written in character for a very long time. Now he's getting older, and he might be ready for his sons to take over, but guess what? They're 'good guys' all of a sudden and don't share his ideals. I think that's very 'deep' writing, and if it can provide the impetus for what happens to the characters, all the better.

John immitates Jack Bauer? Everybody believes everybody is someone else because the intoxicating gas? Itīs funny for a while but it cannot go forever.
ROFL no comment about John, but as I said, if there are lasting effects, then it's a 'fun' event (appropriate during the Olympics) which can serve as the catalyst for future stories. But if it's all forgotten soon afterwards, then I agree it's not very good writing.

Thatīs why I donīt understand why people are so upset there are other stories featured again.
I think what people are complaining about is the specific stories that are featured, rather than the fact that these stories are coming to an end. This week has featured so many of the vets, and now we have spoilers full of Max/Stephanie/Melanie/Trent/Daniel. imo in these two weeks we're getting a taste of Days centered around its core characters, and it looks like they're unfortunately moving away from that in weeks to come.

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