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I don't see how the show is moving away from the vets. Bo. John, Marlena, Tony, Anna, Roman, and Kate are all still mentioned in these spoilers. The other stories are showing movement and that is a good thing because it will complement the big stuff with the vets and Stefano well.

It almost seems like, for some, they don't want their to be any other stories. There has be other ones and, hell, if you don't like these stories, you have to end these first to move on to others. Last year at this time people were upset that there were only two stories...Touch The Sky and the Vendetta and now it seems some want a return to their only being one or two stories. Can't happen if you want a balanced show.

There is no such thing as the perfect show. There is always going to be something that bugs someone or is boring to someone. This is only one week after the big Olympics stuff. If we start to see them stray more and more from using the vets and if stories stagnate again like they did in late May/early June, then I will be right there complaining along with the others but, with the show on the roll it's on and even after seeing these spoilers, I don't see a reason to get upset...yet.
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