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Wow...looks like I got alot to catch up on.

I agree with Matt in that both mags just got too similar. They used to have identities but since 2000 those identities were lost. I'm not that shocked by SS. I, too, recall the SOD chats and it just goes back to the fact that people will always be nice to the public because they keep them in business or keep them working. They aren't going to want to lose any potential customers or fans.

I say give the job to Mimi Torchin and let her handle SOD since it seems SOW may be a goner. That is sad because I would rather keep SOW then SID, which is a waste. I just loved that post that mentioned SID's constantly repeating headlines. Seriously, SID is shit. It's poorly put together and just useless IMO. I would rather effort be put into keeping SOD and SOW around. Give them their identities back. Torchin could handle salvaging SOD or even both SOD and SOW.

I also have to say that this does explain alot about Days. The mags always seem to ensnare Days and GH so it's hard for anyone to get them. If GH or Days are one of the shows (or maybe they are both) pulling cover stories, then the mags are in trouble as they are the ones who sell. If SS does get the job at SOD, you will probably see nothing but Days coverage LOL.

You know, all this scandal is interesting. I find the jossip thread positively addicting and still have to catch up on some of it but this is still sad. Between this and the Days stuff, it just seems like we are finally starting to see alot of the skeletons coming out of the closet for the industry. I guess it's a good thing but I think it's also bad in that the industry is in enough trouble and it can only take so much. Hopefully, all the ugly shit works it's way out and we can still save the mags and soaps.
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