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Aug 7 2008, 09:52 AM
I am so freaking sick of this round and round. Seriously.
Now I feel sick to my stomach again.
WTF. How is EJ her ex? Her ex stalker? Her ex rapist?
Whatever, I know I'llprobably get rocks thrown at me now, but I don't care, its the truth. I am so freaking sick of this bullshit.
Ex husband.

She admits to her feelings for EJ, but is quick to tell him that she still loves Lucas. As if Ej didnt' know that. OMG.....someone save Sami from this repetitive dialogue!!!

Aug 7 2008, 03:44 PM
The stigma of the rape will always follow EJ as long as he is written in Sami's orbit constantly and hinted at as a romantic partner for his rape victim...when he's not attempting to woo his victim, when he's being romantic and genuine with a woman whom he didn't rape and torment, and whom he isn't interested in as part of a scheme to impregnate a Brady, then he gets better reception from general fans. I don't think it's a new concept. I've seen a lot of JnJs say that they were not fans of Jack when he raped Kayla, but became fans when he was with Jen. I imagine that if Jack had continued on with Kayla as a romantic partner, then he'd still have been referred to as a rapist often and maybe not acquired as many fans....oh well, as an EJ fan I personally like when people who previously were not interested in in him can now see him in a positive light.

I can understand the argument from the perspective of someone that believes 12/29 was actually rape, but for the thousands of Ejami fans that do not believe it was rape, there is no stigma to worry about. I think Ejami fans are being discounted in this way. And not all general fans agree 12/29 was rape. Also, I think the question here is, if one can vehemently point the rapist finger and then squeeee! at Ej and Nicole, it calls into question the agenda. I personally have seen the "ECOLI" banners go up before Nicole even got to Salem, all by disgruntled Lumi fans.

I understand your concept that Ej will never be likable with Sami, but what you're not saying is, that he's not likeable with Sami for those that consider 12/29 rape. And those that do like Ejami don't understand how someone could root for what they consider a rapist to be with another woman. That's like cheering on the BTK killer when he starts dating someone new. ;)
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