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Aug 13 2008, 04:11 PM
The fact that Dena's stuff starts airing in 4 weeks makes me nervous. I had and am holding on to high hopes...But at this point I just don't know what to think.

The show SUCKED all of June and July. Was that Scotts doing? Then last week it started on this huge up swing. Was that Scotts doing? Now I am loving the show, Scott I take it? Then back to STAX and crap as of the 24th. Was that Scott? Then one more week of Hogan and back to Dena? WTF?

Even with all of them in the mix writing...it is inconsitant and all over the place. (wonder why...insert sarcasim)

Guess I will take what is airing right now and be grateful for it. Whoever put it together.

Nelson, who is the "diva"?
I feel ya Shaka!!! It's actually been good these past two weeks...what should we expect???? I seriously am not wanting to get to invested in these storylines....are we going to loose all the Dimera interaction?? I'm loving that!! And what about EJ & Sami??? If someone doesn't make up their mind with these couples, I'm going to scream!!! Any thoughts or glimmer of hope Nelson???
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