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Aug 13 2008, 04:48 PM
Aug 13 2008, 10:19 AM
"I donít know how or if they are I am going to incorporate my pregnancy into the story."

"Right now, they are I am writing Sami more focusing on EJ. Itís always fun to work with James Scott (EJ). He is enchanting."
Fixed! :P
I love it, Kenny! You are so right!

Thanks for posting, Ponz!
I just don't agree with Ali's take that Lucas and Sami are each other's true loves...and even before EJ, I don't think I ever saw them as anything other than their second choices. I remember Sami's constant, obnoxious longing for Austin and Lucas' longing for Carrie. Not to mention some of the most rotten things that Lucas has said to Sami. Where was the big love that people talk about? Maybe it happened for about a year? I guess people could mean that their history is so woven together, but I don't know if there was love there.
Oh well.

I always get the feeling that Ali tries to hard to cater to her fanbases and stay as neutral as possible. I wish she could totally be honest for once and not worry about who is going to trash her. Maybe in her next book! :)
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