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Here's an idea, and I know this may sound crazy, but how about P&G allowing GL to borrow some of the writers from ATWT and use them as part of a cost-cutting plan to help the writers and budget at GL?

ATWT have some good writers who aren't being uses the right way, and since they are on P&G's payroll, why not get rid of some of the writers (including HW(s))
on the GL writing team and reform a writing team with a mix of ATWT and GL writers?

Also, since most of the actors and crew are traveling back and forth
to NY and NJ, why don't they tried to be the first soap to "go on the road"
and become something like a fan interactive soap opera where they can make a profit
on the road where the profits goes into the show's budget?

Again, these ideas may be wild ideas, but I just wanted to add my two cents on this issue.

Unfornately, the good old days of GL and daytime television are burning their own houses down.
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