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John tells Marlena the words she's been waiting to hear this week; he wants to make a go of their marriage.

"Does he come to her bedside? Does she say he loves him? Does it all change?" reflects Deidre Hall (Marlena). "Yes. It all changes in a thousand different directions." The declaration is set in motion after John and Marlena, affected by the purple vapor filling the hospital, are confronted with figures from their past. John meets up with Santo and the old John, who urge him not to give up on his love for Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena has an encounter with her deceased twin, Samantha.

"It's the old Sam," explains Hall. "She's feisty. She's funny. She loves Marlena. And at the end of the day she's there to help Marlena help herself." That is, after lecturing her about drugging Stefano and whether or not she should give up on John.

"Marlena talks to Sam about what it's like to love John and how happy he makes her," recounts Hall, knowing that Sam doesn't urge Marlena to fight for him. "Sam encourages Marlena to survive and live her best life. She knows Marlena can't do that without her own sense of integrity." Sam presses Marlena to fight the toxin Stefano had injected her with.

"Marlena's losing consciousness and fighting it the best she can," explains Hall. "The possible antidote has been left in her room by Kayla. She's not sure if it's deadly or the right stuff, but it's the only chance she has. Sam urges Marlena to tap into her inner strength." It works. Marlena reaches for the syringe and plunges it into her thigh. Later, Lexie checks on Marlena and declares her prognosis good, as John approaches her bedside.

"What the writer's have done is interesting," muses Hall. "They've juxtaposed these characters. Marlena is fighting for herself and not fighting for John, and John is less about himself and more in tuned to what his feelings are, deep down, for Marlena." John tells Marlena he wants to work on their marriage. Marlena struggles to speak and asks John who he is.

"Marlena means, 'Who are you as a person?'" clarifies Hall, referring to the old John versus the new one. "Then she starts falling asleep and says, 'You have no idea how much I wanted to be with you.'"

Wanted, as in past tense? "Marlena is tired of spinning her wheels," declares Hall. "She's tired to chasing a dream. Unless John comes to the awareness that the old person she loves is in there and wants to regain that persona, that integrity, and that interaction with her, she doesn't want to fight for it anymore."

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