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Nicole catches EJ and Sami kissing during the hospital lock down, shattering her dream of a future with EJ. For Arianne Zucker (Nicole) it's just another chapter for Salem's perennial loser at love.

SOW: Did Nicole really believe she had a shot at EJ being hers?

AZ: Nicole knows she can't hang onto a man. She's always had a problem with that. Then, of course, EJ has feelings for Sami, and they have a child together. Nicole came around second. She knows EJ is not a hundred percent over Sami.

SOW: Before Nicole catches EJ with Sami, she starts drinking and daydreaming about losing him. What happens?

AZ: Nicole has this fantasy about being with EJ, but guess who's still in the picture? Sami! Even in Nicole's fantasy there is no trust. There is still that fear EJ is cheating on her. Nicole finds an earring on their bedroom floor...

SOW: ...and takes it to Lucas, who recognizes it as Sami's. What happens when Nicole confronts EJ?

AZ: He's caught. He doesn't deny being with Sami. Nicole ends up trying to smother her.

SOW: Obviously, Nicole's unsettled by the fantasy. What makes her head to the hospital to look for EJ?

AZ: Nicole hears on the news about some crazy lock down there. She wants to see what's going on and make sure EJ is fine.

SOW: Nicole's greeted by a sight of Sami and EJ making out via a monitor in the trauma center. What's her reaction?

AZ: Is she shocked? No. Nicole knows there's a possibility of losing EJ. But it doesn't matter whether Nicole knows it or not; it still hurts. Nicole has truly fallen in love with EJ. To find him with her nemesis is awful. Nicole sees the way Sami treats EJ. She keeps going back and forth (between him and Lucas). Nicole's thinking, "Why can't you see who I am? How come you want to be caught up with this woman who can't make up her mind to save her life?"

SOW: Later, Nicole confronts EJ about Sami. What happens?

AZ: EJ doesn't think he did anything wrong. Typical male! But he realizes he hurt Nicole. There's no yelling. Nicole doesn't have any right to yell. She and EJ aren't a couple. Still, Nicole's bitter.

SOW: Does Nicole finally resign herself to losing EJ to Sami and moving on?

AZ: Nicole doesn't really believe EJ loves Sami. In her eyes, if EJ and Sami didn't have a child together, he and Nicole would be together. But Nicole gets it. EJ has a family with Sami. It's very sad. EJ hurt Nicole, but now she's got to find a way to pick herself up and move on.

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