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Aug 14 2008, 09:07 AM
Here's a blurb from SOD, summarized interview with Drake Hogestyn:

John has an hallucination of his own:

First up? Young Stefano. 'In John's mind, it's a trick by Stefano, until the kid draws him in and says that Colleen ruined his father's life. John tries to explain that it was Santo's fault, not Colleen's." Next comes Santo." Santo says, 'You need Marlena,' and John says, 'No, I don't need her.' And then you hear a voice saying, 'No, you're wrong, pal. And that's a fact.' Yup, visitor number three is old John. "They bring in the heavy artillery," previews the actor. "Old John is there to inform new John that he's not down with the way he's been running their lives and that it's not too late to make changes."

"Some of the things that old John says take root and when new John goes to see Marlena in the aftermath, he realizes that this epiphany he had is going to cause him to re-evaluate the relationship that everybody has been telling him about, but he's never experienced himself," notes Hogestyn. "He has accepted a new mission, where failure is not a option, and that is to operate under a platform that Stefano has made Marlena a target and now that makes John care about her, and by extension, everyone who is important to her."

This marks a major step in the John/Marlena saga. "It's a big turning point, " nods Hogestyn. "I'm sure there will be a large section of the audience that will be cheering in front of the TV set."

But Marlena's response will be very surprising...

''Thats a fact'',OMG,I have waited 10 months to hear those words again,well on new episodes anyways,wow that made me cry,wow August is looking great,this is the happiest I have been in 10 months,FINALLY,thanks Drake for the great interview ;) .
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