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What bothers me about Chelsea and Dan isn't the age difference necessarily. My husband is 11 years older than me, and it has never been an issue at all. The problem for me is that Chelsea looks and acts so very young--even younger than her age, which I believe is supposed to be about 21. I don't understand why this world renowned surgeon would be interested in her for anything besides the "hot young girlfriend" aspect. Chelsea has always been needy and attention seeking; how would she understand the demands on a surgeon's time? She doesn't have the maturity level to deal with the issues a relationship with Daniel would bring.

I also have big problems with the way Chelsea and Daniel were put together. It was way too fast and horribly written with no romance at all. For those who have compared them to Doug and Julie--well, I saw Doug and Julie from the very beginning, and I see no resemblance at all!

Good interview with SC. Loved the earthquake story! I hope if they keep him around, he's with Kate and not Lexie. Lexie has had enough affairs, and it's one of the reasons I don't care much for the character. If they want to put her with Dan, they need to split up Abe/Lexie first. I know it's a soap, but I still don't much like adultery storylines.
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