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Aug 14 2008, 09:48 AM
I think it is an interesting twist because pretty much everybody has had a go at telling John how Marlena was the great love of his life and how much he loved her and how wonderful he was and they were together and, while it's not like John has never been affected by that, he's still pretty much just pushed it away. But, then Tony (in today's US episode) is talking about John and Marlena but his focus is really on how ticked off Stefano was that John fell in love with Marlena (and vice versa) and how much that drove Stefano's continued obsession with Marlena and with returning John to his pawn status. And that's what seems to finally attract John's interest. It was like I could hear John thinking "so, if I get back together with Blondie, that will really drive Stefano crazy. Interesting."

And if that is what drives John to tell Marlena he wants to make a go of their marriage (which seems to be what Drake is hinting at in his interview) then it's a very interesting twist, particularly if Marlena is now not so willing to just take him back because he says so.

As I said, I'm sure that there will be a gradual shift as John's feelings become more real, but this is a good way of bridging the gap between unfeeling, uncaring John and a John that acknowledges real feelings for Marlena.
True, all good points! I like how you put it about "bridging the gap". It's an interesting writing choice - I would have preferred that they'd stayed with the direction they went with in the spring, where Marlena was the one who could bring out 'new John's' emotions, and John acknowledged that and fell for her in the process. But given that they seem to have extended the story (to say the least) and brought Stefano back on the scene, I think that if this is written well, as you're saying, it could really be a very interesting twist.

Can't wait to watch the Tony/John scene you mention. Stefano was obsessed with Marlena even before John came on the scene, but when J&M fell in love, that infuriated Stefano beyond belief. Aside from the fact that as we're discussing, they're using that to drive the current story, I'm so happy that they're even mentioning it in the first place. Let's just say that it's MUCH more true to history than Santo and Colleen, lol. This is the type of writing (imo) that should be taking place for all the characters... stories which acknowledge and build on their rich history together.
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