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Aug 14 2008, 11:27 AM
As for the use of history, I agree. Although I do have to mention that in the course of watching the original Benjy storyline for S&K from 1988, I've seen the reappearance of Stefano in that story. And, in light of all that has happened over the last year, it's very interesting to me that even in 1988, the writers made it clear that Stefano had a grudge/vendetta against the whole Brady family. It was conveyed quite clearly through the dialogue and storyline. So, while I won't disagree that Stefano's obsession with Marlena is probably more true to history than the Santo/Colleen ridiculousness, the idea that Stefano had a vendetta against the entire Brady family for reasons not totally known isn't something that they made up in 2007. It's very present in 1988 as well.
I think we tend to focus on the story we're familiar with. I watched Days pretty religiously from the summer of 1986 through the fall of 1990, but much more sporadically after that, though I kept up with the basic storylines through my mom, who watched daily, and later through websites like Early Edition (RIP). So while I understood some of the Queen of the Night stuff, it's certainly no more clear in my consciousness than Stefano's clashes with the Bradys around the time of the Benjy storyline.

That's why I'm always a little surprised when people ask, "Why would Stefano (do this or that) to Steve and Kayla?" Well, for starters, maybe because Steve and Kayla were instrumental in keeping Benjy away from Stefano for years. And because Kayla is a Brady. Isn't that reason enough, where Stefano's concerned?

I've never thought that John and Marlena owned the rights to Stefano's wrath, even if they're his favorite targets. He has enough wrath to go around.

I will agree, however, that it was silly to leave John and Marlena out of Stefano's machinations back during the Santeen stuff. That made no sense at all.
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