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Aug 14 2008, 01:12 PM
I agree that Stefano in his 20+ years has pretty much tried to destroy the Brady's including Roman, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, and John. Throw in his dislike of his own son Tony and you have Stefano against most of those on screen now. His obsession with Sami would actually make more sense if they tied it to Marlena. You know, "I could not get the mother so I want the daughter for my son." But instead of doing that they make up a complete fabricated farse about Santo and Colleen which goes directly against everything that Stefano has done to all of his victims.
The really sad thing is that the Santo/Colleen stuff could have worked (and I'm not necessarily talking about the dual roles for JS and AS, or the timeline that puts the story in the 1950's -- just that story as the basis for the vendetta) if they had just worked with it a little bit. All they needed to do was to have the Brady's be responsible for Santo's death whether directly or indirectly and, in that way, give Stefano a plausible motivation to have hatred for all things Brady. Forget Colleen's fake death and all that. She still has the kid, goes into hiding, whatever. But, it's the Brady's that drew first blood.

Then we have a basis for Stefano's initial feud with Roman which gets taken to a new level by his obsession with Marlena. This gives the motivation for faking Roman's death and putting his pawn into play (to mess with both Marlena's lives and the Brady's as well). This backfires when the Pawn falls in love with Marlena (and vice versa) and decides he's Roman Brady (I've never been clear on the retcon of that stuff because I'm not sure why Stefano would be upset with John for falling in love with Marlena if he really programmed him to be Roman Brady and therefore believe that Marlena was the woman that he loved, but I digress).

So, now Stefano has it out for John and gets some revenge by taking Marlena (retcon from the Orpheus stuff). But, he still has his vendetta against the Brady's which reaches Shane and Kim with the Drew story, Steve and Kayla with Benjy and Steve's death (retcon from the Alamain stuff), and Bo and Hope with Hope's death (recton from the Tuscano stuff) and the whole Gina/Hope/Princess Gina mess that I won't begin to describe. In the meantime, Marlena escapes, Roman escapes, John is revealed not to be Roman, etc., etc. Stefano pursues his obsession which deepens with the whole Queen of the Night and other madcap escapades of the 1990s and 2000's.

All of which leads us more or less to 2007 and the EJ/Sami stuff. Having Sami be the mother of a DiMera heir could tie into both Stefano's obsession with Marlena (as you point out) and the vendetta by turning a Brady into a DiMera, so to speak. The forced marriage thing doesn't have to be because it's a way of uniting Santo and Colleen. It's just a way to get Sami into the family for those other reasons. Then Colleen is revealed to be alive, John is revealed to be her son, and the truth about the fact that the Brady's caused Santo's death is also revealed. This, in turn, forces the Brady's to confront their own not so good history and maybe even mention that it might have been nice if Shawn or Colleen had mentioned any of this when the Brady spouses kept going missing. Good family conflict which I like.

I'm not saying this would have been perfect or that everybody would have liked it, but it could have worked and incorporated a lot of history -- and history that included everybody --- and provided a plausible explanation for Stefano's reign of terror. But, as we all know, it didn't happen.

I am too excited about the movement of this s/l now. I confess I want Marlena to give nuJohn a taste of his own medicine and being as uncaring as he was to her feelings. I think we will get some of that as well but I think Marlena will be more depressed and simply accept that her husband is gone and go through the greiving process all over again. I think thats what Deidre means when she says Marlena is "Tired". A tired and dejected Marlena is indeed not a Marlena we have seen.

I think it would definitely be good if Marlena is at least suspicious of John's sudden change of heart and doesn't just welcome him back with open arms. After everything that has happened, he needs to earn it a bit. Plus, while that might have worked 4 months ago, it wouldn't fit with what has happened since then (not just Ava, but all the dock war stuff). Her issues haven't just been his feelings for her (or lack of them) or his memories, it's also been the way he has chosen to live his life. Those issues shouldn't just disappear because John says he wants to try the marriage thing out for real.
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