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Today's show was good again - and I know it was because I actually stopped to watch stuff I might not normally watch!

Stefano continues his streak, and while I didn't understand the Stefano/Marlena flashbacks at all, I really enjoyed watching them and seeing them so young!

Anna was a breath of fresh air today, and so fun to watch. John had the line of the day wondering whether Anna brought the same energy to the bedroom. And with Tony - I wonder how they're going to align the characters with the return of Stefano. Tony seemed none-too-happy that John had taken over the DiMera empire.

I loved Philip and Nicole today. How much more fun I would have had with a Phloe triangle if Nicole had been the third member of it! :) I liked that they're leaving the door open for Phloe too - today would have been the perfect chance for Philip to say things are totally over or he's moved on or that he is over her. But he didn't. He only said it didn't matter and he didn't deserve Chloe. :D

I still want Roman to die. Josh Taylor bugs so badly - I just want him gone.
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