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Aug 14 2008, 03:13 PM
Aug 12 2008, 09:19 PM
I can understand Dan being interested in Kate. At least Kate has boobs.
Where is hiding them? Under that bra with her initials? Or under her fangs?

I can withstand them breaking up Chelsea and Daniel - but not for Kate. She deserves nothing good - and hearing her say she didn't pick up guys often made me howl with laughter. I found myself wondering who she hadn't slept with that she isn't related to. The list is much shorter - hey she hopped in bed with Stefano to get a favor. Daniel needs to take off on that surf board first.
Kate honestly has had less sex (with multiple partners) these last few years than many of the other men on this show. In 2006 she slept with EJ. In 2007 she slept with Stefano ONE TIME. Now in 2008 she has slept with Daniel who she perceived as available. When Martino propositioned her, she turned him down. Now I'm not saying she's some kind of Salem Virgin or something, but she's really not had much of a sex life except one guy a year for the last 3 years.

Compare that to (in the last year)
Chloe: Lucas, Philip, presumably Brady
Sami: Lucas, EJ
Chelsea: Nick, now trying to get Daniel
Stephanie: Jeremy, Max
Ava: Steve (tried to), John

Again, not sure how Kate is vilified here when it was Daniel who chose to sleep with her (but knew of his own feelings as well as Chelsea's), who seems unable to stop spending time with Kate and actually openly flirted with any woman around to begin with. What kind of guy pushes a girl away (did we ever get a reason?) but then after banging her grandma, he's fine now to do her too?
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