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Ok I have stayed out of the fray of EJ/Sami/Lucas..because..well... I just didn't care. I don't care about what happened in the car...I don't care if Sami is meant to be with Lucas or EJ. Soulmates or whatever...I just never saw anything in this triangle to care about..When EJ , Sami, or Lucas was on...I would just Fast forward...I simply didn't care. My focus was on another couple who has been slammed just as bad as any EJami fan has...I like Daniel and Chelsea...just look at my signature...and we all know how much Dansea fans have been blasted for loving our couple. That said...I am jumping in here now because I have fallen for another couple as well....I love EJ and Nicole together...I have never slammed EJ or any other character on the show because I simply realize that they are fictional characters that are written to act the way they act..and I love the way EJ and Nicole are acting together. I believe they are a much better match than this endless marry-go-round that we have had to suffer through for the last two years. I don't throw stones at anyones opinions and have always just said what I felt..and I see super hot chemistry between Ari and James. They are amazing to watch together. The only time I have ever cared about EJ is when he has been with Nicole. I love how they have had Nicole grow since she came back. Ari has always been a wonderful actress but she has really shined with this storyline...James Scott is also a wonderful actor..(I watched him on AMC as Ethan and loved him there as well) but I just haven't cared about his storyline. With Ari, James has really came back to life in my opinion and reminded me why I was such a fan when he was on AMC. I am just glad that I now have two couples on the show to care about...because as you know..anything can happen on a soap.
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