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Aug 14 2008, 03:13 PM
Aug 14 2008, 03:09 PM
I do think a little more balance to the show needs to happen after the Olympics, and one downside of writing the story this way is that it lends itself to repetitiveness. I wish we could have focused a little more on the emotions and less on the action, overall. That's another sort of balance the show would benefit from. But overall, I'm okay with what's happening, although I'll admit to looking forward to the noir stuff just for a break in the routine.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to the film noir stuff just to break things up a little myself. Not that it hasn't been good thus far, but it's kind of like the plane that took a week to crash. By the end, I was just ready for it to crash already and change things up a bit. After about the 15th time Stefano wandered into Marlena's room to gloat, it starts getting just a little old.
It was one of those things where something was repeated one too many times, losing its intensity. I've seen many episodes in the past two years where something was awesome one day and then repeated or re-shot and completely fluffed over the next...
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