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Aug 14 2008, 11:10 PM
I thought Thursday was as bad as the rest of the spring/summer. Total paint-drying snorefest. For one thing, they shouldn't have shown anyone on the outside - the suspense was partially created by the sense of being trapped and not knowing what's going on outside. Philip and Nicole was boring as hell. Stefano popping in and out of Marlena's room over and over, undetected, was ridiculous and silly.
I have to disagree on showing people outside of this. I think part of the problem is they waited too long to do just that. They should've started doing that Tuesday. Monday was fine in that they did alot of character stuff and they did the same thing today, which is why I think it stuck out. I think the one thing wrong with the show right now is how they are fucking with momentum. I agree with Jane in that while I understand why they did what they did for the Olympics, they really should've balanced things as far as the focus goes. Other characters should've been featured because, honestly, they seem to be grasping at straws right now with things. Monday you felt an energy and there was so much fantastic character work being down so no characters were needed but John, Marlena, Sami, EJ, Kayla, Stefano, Tony, and Anna. Tuesday had some little character stuff but focused more on building the terror and action, which it did well. They also brought Steve into the action with Joe. Wednesday was all action and no character stuff to speak of. They brought Lucas and Chloe into it and, honestly, I have no idea why they waited that long to do that. They should've been used on Tuesday and throughout. It just sticks out. The same way not having Sami/EJ and Steve/Kayla on today stuck out. Sami/EJ was the cliffhanger yesterday yet we don't see them today? Not good. Roman/Philip/Nicole (and Abe/Lexie, who get in on things tomorrow) should've been brought into this Tuesday or even yesterday when things were picking up. That way they could've added to the terror of things and maybe the show would not have had so much repetition since it had more characters to play with. I honestly think that is the case. Monday, Tuesday, and today it did so much character work and Wednesday it advanced the action so much that it's almost like they realized they were moving too fast and backtracked so they are fucking with momentum. I don't get that.

Going along with all that, it seems the Film Noir stuff will dominate Monday and Tuesday as the hospital takes a back seat for today days after tomorrow. That is just dumb. You leave viewers with a cliffhanger tomorrow and now those who are into that story have to wait until Wednesday to see it get picked up from where it ended? You lose people that way. Mix the Noir stuff with the hospital stuff. They are isolating things too much.

Here is what I would've done starting with this past Monday:

Monday: Leave as is.
Tuesday: Leave everything only bring Lucas/Chloe into things today and introduce Roman into the action at the end when the lockdown really gets going.
Wednesday: Bring Philip/Nicole into the action and probably Abe/Lexie. Everything else ok as is.
Thursday/Friday: Lucas/Chloe should still be on in some capacity, as should Philip/Nicole/Abe/Lexie. Sami/EJ and Steve/Kayla would be featured and what material they have on Friday could play out over the two days. Nicole sees Sami/EJ, leading to Film Noir stuff on Monday.

Going into next week, I would just play intermingle the hospital and Noir stories. Hell, if you have to use classic flashbacks of Sam/Marlena or "old" John to fill things in a bit, do that. You can't just drop and pick up things. It's poor pacing and dumb and if Ed is responsible for this material I'm shocked at him for the way this is being handled. Yes, the show is on a roll but this pacing is not good if you want to pick up viewers since we all know different viewers get invested in certain things. Fans of the hospital stuff...what will they do Monday when they tune in and see nothing but Nicole's fantasy (since that seems to be all of Monday and Tuesday)? They won't know what the hell is going on. That is why you feature both stories. The hospital thing has been going on all week and just dropping it for two days and picking it up again for the rest of next week is just creating a potential mess.

On another note, I do think what Jane said in regards to the other stories we had going on before the Olympics is a credible concern. I know many did not like Higley's stories but they were finally moving in a good direction before the break. The Paul story, Philip/Morgan, and Melanie stuff was getting interesting and now they dropped it all and I very much doubt momentum will be there after the break from them. Some came back to Days to watch Stefano and Bope's vow renewal so the show missed a chance to continue to attract fans to other stories. I understood when they said that they didn't want people who couldn't find Days or catch it during the Olympics to miss anything but the show is still moving story. They have set up the J&M/Stefano story and are setting up some good stuff for Tony/EJ/Anna/Sami and maybe even Steve/Kayla. It's kind of going against the purpose of what they were doing so why not feature the Paul story since there is more emphasis on Bope now. That may work. I guess what I'm saying is the strategy isn't working because they are still moving story so it's like giving up momentum of the other stories for nothing.

Sorry to rant but all of this bugged me and I know many think that nothing bothers me concerning Days and that I enjoy everything but that isn't true. I just tend to focus more on the big picture and this affects that. Maybe I will be wrong and Monday and Tuesday or at least one of those days will still feature the hospital stuff but I doubt it judging by spoilers.

On to today, which I did enjoy.

I don't mind Stefano going to Marlena repeatedly. He likes to taunt his victims. Plus, as I said yesterday, he doesn't want to get caught so he must keep leaving. As mentioned above, I do think they could cut down on this if more characters were featured but I digress. I liked the flashbacks. Nice choices. I wasn't a huge fan of that story but I know many Days fans love that aspect of Stefano and Marlena so it was a nice touch. The Stefano/Marlena stuff was just great. I like how Stefano unknowingly held the syringe that could help Marlena in his hand and was sort of unknowingly toying with her in a way as she hoped he would inject her with it. Too bad he figured out what it is. I liked the disk scene too, which seemed to support my theory that Stefano has been awake and recovering longer then anyone thought. I suspect Rolf got his hand on the disk and gave it to Stefano.

I liked John/Tony/Anna. Loved the scene where Anna searched Stefano's room and only heard his voice, thinking it was a hallucination only to turn and see Stefano there for real. LeAnn's scream was perfect. Not over the top. Just right. Nice mini-cliffhanger with her last scene having her lying there with Stefano over her. Creepy. Liked her banter with John and Tony and her little scene with Tony. Loved John asked Tony if Anna brought that same energy to the bedroom LOL. John and Tony's faceoff was wonderful. Again, more awesome character work. I like how they are explaining Tony's motivation for wanting the Dimera empire and resenting John having. It makes sense that he would hate seeing what John is doing with it and Tony's wanted to change the Dimera legacy so it all ties nicely together. I liked how they planted the seeds for John to pursue Marlena today with Tony explaining how Stefano hated how Marlena fell for his "pawn." Nice flashbacks to John's funeral and return too. The end with Tony hallucinating Stefano felt like something taken out of the 80's as it really showed what the Tony and Stefano dynamic is. Good stuff.

I saw this mentioned elsewhere so I will note it here...someone mentioned how Tony talked of Roman and how Stefano hated him because of Marlena. I don't think that was what Tony meant. I believe he was saying how Roman being with Marlena too only contributed to his hatred for Roman and the Brady's, which makes sense. That is how I took it, anyway. That aspect of the line almost felt tossed in so it was hard to put it all together.

Anyway, sorry for the long post and rant but I needed to get that out there and it goes to show you not everything pleases me LOL. The show was good and that is all that matters. Look forward to tomorrow.
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